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Zodiac Roundup: Cold Gold Gift Picks for Cancer Season

Zodiac Roundup: Cold Gold Gift Picks for Cancer Season

What do Senator Elizabeth Warren, Solange Knowles, Princess Diana, Mindy Kaling, and Meryl Streep all have in common (besides being entirely amazing)? Their zodiac sign! Each one of these gal’s birthdays fall under the Cancer sun sign (June 21-July 22). With Cancer Season upon us and an impressive list of badass babes to take inspiration from, we put together a roundup of our Cold Gold gift picks for the total Cancerian in your life. 

These creative water signs are ruled by the moon, giving them a tendency to be sensitive, loyal, emotional, intuitive, compassionate, and nurturing. Cancerians are often both the mom friend and the moody one, and they live for their creature comforts.

When shopping for a Cancer sun, you need only look to their ruling planet for inspiration - follow the moon and you won’t go wrong. Think calming color schemes in shades of blue and crisp, clean whites and comforting, soft textures. 

While you can’t give the literal moon to your dearest Cancerian pal (although they surely deserve it) you can do the next best thing in gifting them a pair of Cold Gold Geometric Half-Moon Studs in Aqua Marble. These oceanic moons are comfy and cute, two accessory requirements for almost any Cancer. They’ll feel pulled by the tides to wear these as an everyday accessory.  

If Cancers MUST leave home, they’re already thinking of what they’ll do when they can get back. Help them keep up with their keys in style and comfort with the Cold Gold Leather Keychain in Periwinkle Blue - the soft leather will mold over time to their wrist and they can keep their house keys right where they like ‘em - close by. 

Next up on our gift picks for Cancers are the Cold Gold Leather Pom Pom Earrings in Hockney Blue. Cancerians will love the free movement of these celestial statement earrings, and the shades of blue color palette will pair effortlessly with their classically chill wardrobe (inspired, no doubt, by the Casual-Chic QUEEN, Princess Diana). 

Our final Cold Gold gift recommendation for Cancer sun signs is the Cold Gold Belt Bag in Ivory. This piece is limited edition, and your nostalgic Cancerian friend will appreciate its rarity. The buttery texture of the leather makes this piece a delight to wear and the neutral color brings a feminine softness to the entire look it’s styled with. 

Happy Cancer season, friends! We hope this gives you a good starting point for spoiling the Cancerian in your friend group - they deserve it and they’ll love ya for it. Tune in next season for our gift guide for Leos, picked by a Leo.


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