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Gemstoned: The Cold Gold Geo Studs in a Kaleidoscope of Crystal Colors

Gemstoned: The Cold Gold Geo Studs in a Kaleidoscope of Crystal Colors

You know them, you love them: the geometric stud earring sets from Cold Gold. Our latest collection of handmade geometric jewelry and leather accessories, High Horse, brought in 4 new crystalline colorways inspired by our favorite shimmering crystals to join the ranks of our classic black geometric studs. Translucent swirls of gemstone inspired Citrine, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Crystal Quartz hand marbled clay decorate the current collection of these small stud earring sets. With hexagon studs, triangle studs, and half moon studs available in all 6 mystical, magical colors, there are plenty of pairs to match your moods. The Geo Stud collection is also one of our most popular picks for birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, or friend gifts, these tiny studs bring on massive joy. The future of your accessorizing game is suddenly crystal clear, and things are looking dreamy. Read on to see the gemstone inspired geometric studs and the crystals that inspired them.

a model with long lavender fingernails wears the aquamarine triangle geo stud earrings.

There’s a reason the Cold Gold geometric stud earrings are a classic. With modern and minimal design, sharp geometric lines, and a pop of your signature color, there’s at least one pair of mini geo studs for every earring wearer. The geometric stud sets feature gold plated brass in three mix and matchable geometric shapes: gold triangles, gold half moons, and gold hexagons. These small, lightweight stud earring sets are tiny enough that they won’t take over your look but bold enough to add a little something extra to any outfit. Sensitive ears? No worries - all Cold Gold earrings are made with nickel-free, hypoallergenic surgical steel posts that are safe even for metal allergies. With the combined powers of our own hand-marbling clay process and a lineup of saturated, jewel tone colors, the latest iteration of the Cold Gold geometric studs are guaranteed to leave you: Gemstoned. 

Rose Quartz Earrings

Rose Quartz crystal is said to dispel negativity, bring peace, and promote love and friendship. These rose quartz inspired polymer clay earrings are one of our original gemstone colorways that inspired the rest. This pair features the softest whisper of ballerina pink to bring a touch of sweetness to any look, and the gold and pink pairing sing with fun feminine energy. Soften an all-black outfit for daytime with a pair of the hexagon stud earrings in rose quartz

a man wears the amethyst half moon stud earrings
amethyst crystal stone cluster

Amethyst Earrings -

Amethyst stones are said to facilitate a clear mind and a heightened sense of intuition. Swap out your tired plain studs for hazy clouds of on-trend lavender encased in gold geo shapes and it may just bring you a style revelation. Pair the amethyst half moon studs with your wildest party outfit to go dancing in the moonlight. Psst, read to the end for a fun gold moon earring styling trick.  

a model laughs and holds her hair back to show off triangle geo studs in citrine yellow

Citrine Earrings- 

Citrine (both the gemstone and the color!) is believed to bring on happiness, inspire creativity, and boost positivity. Once you’ve worn a pair of the geometric polymer clay studs in citrine, you’ll know what we mean! These gem inspired citrine gold earrings boast a little bit of shimmer and a lot of saturated sunshine-y yellow to brighten your wardrobe and your day. Shine on in the citrine triangle geo studs paired with a colorful romper for non-stop fun. 

a dark haired model wears a tie dye dress and the aquamarine stud earrings in hexagon shape
aquamarine crystal stone

Aquamarine Earrings -

Aquamarine crystals emit a sense of trust, calm, and relaxation. Is it teal, turquoise, cerulean, blue? Call it what you want, aquamarine is having a major moment in street style, and we’re on board. Do the hypnotizing waves of aqua in these tiny hand-marbled clay earrings remind you of oceans, or galaxies? Gear up to explore the furthest reaches of both with these of-the-moment aquamarine hexagon geometric stud earrings styled with your trustiest vintage jeans and a comfy tee. 

crystal quartz stone cluster
crystal moon earrings celestial jewelry birth stone april earrings gemstone style.jpg

Crystal Quartz -

Crystal Quartz gemstones are said to bring clarity, balance, and energy to life. Our crystal quartz inspired geometric studs are a perfect balance of texture, shine, and intricate pattern. Gold plated brass shapes, hand-marbled translucent and opaque neutral clays, and just a tiny pinch of glitter make up these tiny yet glamorous everyday earrings. The crystal quartz half moons pair brilliantly with a cozy sweater and a sharply tailored trouser for busy days. 

a model with glowing peachy makeup wears a pair of the half moon crystal quartz studs artfully in one ear with two piercings

The Gemstoned Collection is colorful, playful, and will harmonize effortlessly with any wardrobe. Gift these wearable stud earrings to your grandma, your little sis, your cool boss, or treat yourself. Can’t commit to just one color? Collect them all and mix and match to your heart’s content! We love the amethyst studs and rose quartz studs paired together, or the citrine studs and aquamarine earrings - one in each ear. Want to up your style game? These tiny stud earrings play well together in multi-pierced ears. Wrangle up some full moon energy when you stack up a pair of the gold half moon studs in double earlobe piercings. 

A model with dark curly hair and dramatic red eyeshadow wears the rose quartz half moon geo studs stacked together

Now you’ve met the whole collection, only one thing left to do, pals! Let’s Go Shopping. 

Are you the proud owner of some Cold Gold Geo Studs from our Gemstoned Collection? We love to see it! Pop over to Instagram, snap a selfie to show ‘em off + tag us for a chance to be featured. 


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